Fuji X-T1 Firmware Update

Fuji announced firmware version 4.0 for their current flagship X-T1. This firmware is expected to be released in June and it will bring significant improvements to the auto focusing system.

Highlights of the firmware update:
  • New AF system: New AF system with Zone and Wide/Tracking modes
  • Improvement of AF accuracy
  • Eye Detection AF
  • Auto Macro mode
  • AF improvement in the Movie mode

Complete details can be found here

When it comes to continuous improvements, no other camera manufacture comes close to Fuji. Lately, other manufacturers have started offering firmware updates as well but they are mostly to fix bugs and none of the big three (Sony, Canon, Nikon) have ever offered such a significant update via firmware. For this type of upgrade they would have most likely introduced a new camera.

I hope that other manufactures follow Fuji’s lead and not only listen to their customer’s suggestion but also keep their cameras update to date by offering similar firmware updates instead of bringing out new cameras every six months (I’m looking at you Sony…..)


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