Fuji X-T10: Fuji’s follows Olympus footsteps

Fuji X-T10 - Front

The announcement of X-T10 from Fuji seems like a page out of Olympus’s playbook right down to the model number. Similar move to what Olympus did with the release of OM-D E-M10, a watered down version of E-M5, Fuji recently announced Fuji X-T10 which for the most part is a smaller version of X-T1 with some new features and some features that were lost in transition.

Fuji X-T10 will be the third camera in the cheaper line up but the first one with built-in EVF. Previously Fuji released X-M1 and X-A/A2 but they all lacked the EVF. Previous X models (X-E1/X-E2) had an EVF but I’m not sure if Fuji plans on continuing that line anymore.

Fuji X-T10 - Back

Difference versus X-T1 :

  • No weather sealing
  • New AF Mode (Zone and AF Tracking) [These will be available for X-T1 via firmware update next month]
  • Smaller size
  • Lighter (381g vs 440g)
  • Smaller EVF (Same EVF as X-E2)
  • One extra custom button (7 vs 6)
  • 920K LCD vs 1000K 3″ LCD
  • No ISO dial on top. Replaced by drive mode.
  • No flash sync port
  • Built-in flash
  • Cheaper ($800 vs $1300 – Body Only)

Complete details can be found on Fuji’s announcement page.

Fuji X-T10 - Top

Initial Thoughts:

I think it’s a great move by Fuji to bring out a camera in more midstream market that has competitors like E-M5 Mark II, Sony A6000, Samsung NX500 etc. but one thing that Fuji has going for it is the availability of excellent glass coupled with larger APS-C sized sensor. Fuji X-T10 has the same sensor as the X-T1 which has proven to excellent with peerless jpegs and RAW files that pack tons of details (typical X-Trans caveats aside).

As for the design, I personally do not like the boxy design or the small grip but as they say beauty lies in the eye of beholder so I’m sure there are people who are jumping with joy. After all there were people who buy abominations like Pontiac Aztec and Nissan Juke or Sigma Quattro cameras.

The most exciting part of the camera is the new AF modes that now include Zone and Wide/Tracking modes as well as eye detection. Though these features are not exclusive to X-T10 as they will be made available for X-T1 via firmware update next month. I’m really looking forward to trying these modes out in person because on paper they look really amazing and should transform the X-T1 into a even more capable camera.

As Fuji continues to innovate and bring out new features I can’t wait to see what they are saving for their flagship X-Pro2 which is rumored to be released at the end of this year.


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