Fuji X-T1 Firmware 4.0

Fuji is probably the only company currently in the market that keeps their cameras up to date with regular firmware updates. Unlike other manufacturer’s updates these not only provide improvements but also introduces new features. In firmware 4.0 Fuji has provided some major updates that other manufacturers (Sony/Nikon/Canon…. take note!) would have released a new camera just to included these updates.

Firmware 4.0 is a significant update that focuses mostly on the auto focus and not only improves the single point focus but also brings two new focusing modes

  • Zone AF Mode
  • Wide Area / Tracking Mode

Also included is the new eye detection AF which when combined with Face detection can be set to focus on left/right or the nearest eye of the subject to ensure perfect focus. Other improvements include auto Macro mode and the ability to set the shutter speed to be controlled via front dial from 30 -1/32000 sec. Previously, this was limited to 30-2 seconds.

Early reports of the firmware are very positive and I cannot wait to give it a try myself with my newly acquired Fuji 50-140 f2.8 lens. Now if only Fuji can hurry up and release the rumored 100-400 lens, it would be perfect.

Complete details and firmware download can be found here.


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