About Me

I’m an amateur photographer with a passion for not only photography but also for the latest and greatest gear and that’s why my camera gear is always changing :).

I originally started photography with Panasonic point and shoot camera few years back but after discovering that I enjoy this hobby a lot, I moved to Panasonic GH1 and then to subsequent Micro 4/3 cameras. Over the years I have gone through not only different cameras but I have also switch camera systems as well. This switch not necessary made me a better photographer but it did allow me to enjoy (and hate) the different features and options that each camera/system offered.  You can find my current camera gear information under ” Current Gear” link.

I recently started selling some stock photographs and so far it’s been a slow process but I hope I that someday I will have a good library of photographs with wide variety of subjects.

You can check out my current portfolio at the following links and to view my stock photography portfolio please visit stock photography links page.



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